First One: please tell about your work experience

"work experience" is the type of work you've done in the past. If you haven't started working yet you can say "Right now I'm still a student." or "I'm a recent grad and Ihaven't started working yet." In the second sentence, "recent grad" is short for "recent graduate" and means that you have just finished school.
工作經驗就是你過去所做的工作。如果尚未開始工作,就可以回答"Right now I'm still a student."(現在我還是個學生。)或者說"I'm a recent grad and I haven't started working yet."(我剛剛畢業,還沒有開始工作。)"recent grad"是"recent graduate"的縮寫,意思是剛剛畢業。

Second One: What's your greatest weakness?

This is a popular question that western employers like to ask to make candidates nervous! In fact, they ask this to know how you respond to a difficult question. You shouldn't answer by telling your greatest weakness since you might not get the job! Instead, you can tell them something that isn't directly related to the job position.

Third One: Why do you feel you are qualified for this job?

This question is a good opportunity to brag a little bit. You should talk about some extra skills you have that maybe wasn't included in your resume, or talk about your greatest strength in more detail.

Fourth One: What kind of salary did you have in mind?

Salary is how much money you earn, usually per year. When asked this, it's best to answer with a salary range or approximation and not an exact figure. This shows that you are familiar with the industry if you know what the approximate salary should be.

Fifth One: If hired, when could you start work?

When answering this it's best not to say you can start right away. This might make you seem very desperate for a job. A safe answer would be "I can start at the beginning of next month."
回答這個問題時。一定要注意!不要說我馬上可以工作。那會讓對方認為你非常迫切地需要這份工作。一個非常保險的回答可以是"I can start at the beginning of next month."(我下月初可以開始上班。)

Sixth One: What kind of work does the position involve?

You can ask this to clarify exactly what kind of work you'll be doing.